Potential Connections Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit

Potential Connections Inc. is an United States 501c3 setup to operate the icanhelp program and other related activities. It is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific or educational purposes. Specifically, Potential Connections Inc. is focused on educating the general public and improving communities regarding behavioral health, mental health and substance abuse prevention, treatment, continuing care and recovery supports, social supports, research, development and adoption of evidence-based programs. Priority is given to activities that impact at-risk youth or youth needing help in multiple areas ranging from, but not limited to, educational, family, substance use and behavioral health issues.

Potential Connections Inc's EIN/tax ID is: 47-3670819

Thank you for your interest. You are important to us. The fastest way to communicate with us is through email:

The mailing address:
Potential Connections Inc. 3422 Old Capitol Trail, Ste. 1655
Wilmington, DE  19808-6192