Increase the awareness of the icanhelp program & trained members

Target audience: youth, young adults and interested community members

  • School or community wide presentations

  • Small group presentations to

    • Youth; for example:
      • youth clubs
      • classrooms
      • after school meetings/programs
      • school assembly announcements
      • daily school announcements
      • out of school programs
    • Adults; for example:
      • health professionals
      • crisis response teams
      • educators
      • stakeholders
      • parent groups
      • substance abuse coalitions
      • others actively involved with youth
  • One-on-one meetings

    • Meet with critical connections such as crisis response teams
    • Meet with other point of contacts for key/common community linkages
  • School and community newspaper and website announcements

ICH YouTube Channel on Building Awareness. This channel cycles through the videos.